Coaching for Mental Health: Ethical Dilemma or Ethical Development?

Appendix 7: Community Activities and Personal Experience

Community Activities and Experiences:
Since 1993 I have been very active with several local community, environmental and local economics initiatives, (unpaid on principle and because there is no money here). Some of these activities have been solo, but much of the public work has been done in partnership and as part of a team (though as usual, very small teams). I have direct experience instigating/running the following:

Falmouth LETS. Cornwall LETS. SW Permaculture. Falmouth Green Centre. The Meridian Community Project. Gyllyng Hall For All Project (community building). Falmouth Local Agenda 21. Shared Threads (Community story cloths). Shared Power (support group). Kerrier and Fal Credit Union. FalWheels (car share scheme). Falmouth Town Team. Falmouth Peoples Survey. Falmouth Healthy Living Initiative. FalmouthOne (Community Development Trust). Trevone (therapeutic permaculture land project). 100th Monkey (workers co-op). reallifetools website (in progress). Falmouth Living Information (community database). Hissing for real (coaching for change). 21st Century Agents for Change (WEA course). Living and Learning in the 21st Century. Being Alive (life skills programme).

Many public meetings, presentations,workshops, press releases, exhibitions and very late nights later and I am still passionately committed to community regeneration from the grassroots and to individual recovery and regeneration.

Personal Activities and Experiences:
Includes: 25 years caring for several, severely, physically and emotionally ill family members. (Stroke, Thrombosis, Heart, Alcohol Addiction, Depression,). 12 years in business, admin and accounts. Qualifications in Complementary Therapies. CertEd (FE) (specialized in community studies). Qualification in RSA: Organisation of Community Groups. BTEC. Business Studies. Counselling and Mediation training. Three children. Several years part time working in mental health.

Some acute and chronic life experiences have given me first hand experience of ‘real health and wealth’ and the lack of them.


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