Coaching for Mental Health: Ethical Dilemma or Ethical Development?

Appendix 4: Statistics

Following are some statistics for the UK from “Understanding Mental Illness Report”. 2000 (P.4) and other sources.

  • “About 1 in 100 is likely to receive a diagnosis of schizophrenia in their lifetime, and similarly about 1 person in 100 is likely to receive a diagnosis of bipolar disorder (manic depression).”
  • “Less than a quarter of people who have distressing psychotic experiences in their lives remain permanently affected by them”
  • “10 – 15% of the population have heard voices or experienced hallucinations at some point in their life.”
  • MIND states that one person out of every 4 will experience some form of mental health problem in their life. Mental health problems especially depression will be the No 1 Health care disorder by 2010. In the UK, there are 2 million addicted to alcohol and 1 million addicted to tranquillizers.
  • “Neurotic conditions, depression, anxiety, stress etc , these disorders can affect anyone at any time. Statistics show that 10% of the population will suffer from a fairly serious neurotic condition and a further 25% of the population will be diagnosed as suffering from depression by their GP.” Assertive Outreach team. Cornwall. 2002
  • “Psychotic conditions include – schizophrenia, manic depression, personality disorders. Statistics show that 1-2% of the population will have a psychotic condition that can be treated through medication. However there are a number of people that do not access services and therefore fail to get diagnosed.” Assertive Outreach team. Cornwall.2002
  • “Around 85% of people with long term mental illness have no job and 3 in 10 employees will have a mental health problem every year” Mental Health Foundation. Guardian April 2nd 2002
  • “Only one in three people with experience of mental health problems feel confident in disclosing this on job application forms… three in ten employees will experience mental health problems in any one year” report from the Mental Health Foundation Across the UK. 2 April 2002


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